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What May Happen In Your 30’s?

Well, maybe you may escape from 30’s. Of course, you are going to meet a lot of people who will try to encourage with slogans like “Fifties are the new thirties”, “forties are the new twenties.” Wait! You’re just in the old thirties, real thirties. Your logic should be: “Well 30’s are new teen age?” Maybe, you have erectile problems, because you are teenager again? Teenagers can feel only glimpse of real sexual performance.


I have nothing against invigorating slogans and strong motivation, but statistics are one thing and the enthusiasm is mainly on the opposite side. Things in your life are changeable , it’s true. You’re getting older, so your look on life and society is changing, appearance of your skin, jogging path and stamina is changing, your abilities in bed are changing. This is inevitable, there is no doubt, especially after thirty six. Sad? Unacceptable? Terrible? Let’s turn to the philosophy of the winners. Men today would not survive without this philosophy. No one alive would not survive without this philosophy, also. That is why everyone is so unquestioningly, firmly and steadfastly believe in winning various mantras. For example, it is very popular with the bidding (in slogans) when life really begins.

“Life begins at thirty” exclaim those who go out of twenty-nine candles on a birthday cake. “Life begins at forty”, hissing exhausted successful revelers descending elevator in the company’s bar on the “after-work party”. “Life begins at fifty” smugly pronounce the men while renewing membership at the gym sure that we will remain at their previous records.

bigstock-Closeup-Of-Happy-Mature-Couple-4966681In fact, life has started a long time ago, all sharing the chapters and comforting subdivision does not make sense. Wasted moment is a moment wasted, and no one else was responsible for the failure except you. You can not cancel the publication to your actual, real life begins tomorrow. Life are ups and downs. Life are strong and weak erections. Life remains life and when there is no sex. Let’s grow up.

Nobody can stop you, if you want to live better. But if you can find yourself into one of these slogans, you might digging a hole and you will fall in it. Because once it starts, it’s started. Promises about better world, self made movies in which Superman might help you… Shut up and live. Accept changes whenever they occurred.


In his detailed study “The new man and his sexuality”, Dr. John Benson analyzes almost all the problems that plague contemporary men during the long period of his sexual activities.

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