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Andropause is an emerging clinical concept that is gaining an increasing recognition, as the world becomes more aging. The clinical features are easy to identify and appropriate treatment is not difficult to take. Properly treated and early diagnosed cases of andropause, may improve the general quality of life in the elderly men.

Andropause Treatment May Be Expensive


Visiting doctor or health consultant about andropause symptoms may be very tricky. Doctor will most likely recommend hormone replacement therapy treatment. Be careful: This treatment is not meant for everyone and it can be very expensive.

This is usual course of your future treatment. You will be referred to an anti-aging clinic who offer this type of andropause treatment. This treatment will cost you about $500-750 per month. One of the most inexpensive treatment is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). The goals of the therapy are to relieve symptoms caused by androgen deficiency, restore libido and sexual functions, and improve the overall quality of life.

There may also be some nasty side effects to pursuing this type of treatment too. These include:

  • Enlarged prostate
  • An increased risk of developing cancer
  • Gynecomastia (man boobs)

So, as you can see, clinical treatments are not for the faint hearted of financially frugal. Make sure you discuss all these points thoroughly with your doctor before taking the leap.

Play safe with Provacyl – Naturally raise HGH levels

With Provacyl, the natural herbal supplement, older people feel positive about taking on whatever the future has in store for them. The high levels of satisfaction that they experience with a regular dose of supplements are what make this product popular in the market. It is a proven fact that those who “feel younger” than they actually are, tend to enjoy life to the fullest, while others age faster because of their negative attitude.

When systems start slowing down with aging, it is wise to switch on to alternative methods and naturally raise HGH levels in the body. Age related health problems are difficult to deal with if your mind and body are not alert enough to fight them. The natural herbs in Provacyl nourish the body with antioxidants and ingredients that help restore protein to the body. Aches and pains associated with arthritis and bone density problems are reduced and one is able to pick up the threads and lead a happy normal life.




Why Provacyl?

The body requires essential proteins and minerals to boost up the energy levels as one ages. The naturally occurring human growth in the body throws a monkey wrench into the system and the body begins to store fat and lose lean muscle mass. There is a downslide in the general functioning of all the vital organs. What Provacyl does is it fires all cylinders in the body by fixing all the nuts and bolts that are rusty. The ingredients in Provacyl, simply put, works to naturally raise HGH levels and restore normal functioning which includes an increased sexual drive, greater staying power and harder erections.

We witness a change in the average life span of people over the centuries. People live to a ripe old age thanks to the marvels of medical sciences that probe in-depth and come out with a wealth of remedies to tackle most situations. Numerous products to combat aging, restore youthful looks, libido and age related health problems are being thrust upon the individuals these days. It is not necessary to hunt from shop to shop for the right product. All one has to do is to use the advanced technologies of Cyberspace and source out the right product that can naturally raise HGH levels. Make sure you equip yourself with the right product so that you are well prepared to take that long highway ride into the golden sunset.


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