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Treat Andropause Using HGH Pills

In the last post, we talked about what you should take into consideration while trying to compare male sexual enhancement pills and gave a link to where 4 popular products were compared to each other. We have been all this time talking about different ways to make a man’s sex life a better one but either due to over look or something else we have not published any post related to one of the most side-stepped issues that affect men of age. Now you see, we too did not remember to say a thing about it. Sorry for that but now we would like to make amendments and say a few things about it. Wondering what that is? We will talk about HGH Pills.

Have you ever heard of ANDROPAUSE? Or maybe MALE MENOPAUSE? If not here is what it is. The two point to the same thing and that is a kind of health problems of men caused by hormonal deficiency. The culprit in this case is TESTOSTERONE!

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This is a hormone which is also called the “sex hormone” in men. Researches have shown that it reduces at an average of 10% in every ten years. Should it reduce below a certain threshold then the man begins to have problems with infertility, decrease in his sexual function, decreased bone density, hot flashes, osteoporosis, hair loss, sleeplessness and of course the worst of them all ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. While we believe that no health issue should be take lightly no matter how benign it may be yet we single out ED since that is what men fear most.

This symptom is age related and it is believed that men over 40 are prone to it but alarming data show that in the last 50 years, the testosterone levels in an average man has dropped by almost 3 times. For instance, the British Medical Journal published that a 30 year old man today has less sperm count than a man born in 1952. Yes the production of semen is also closely associated with testosterone.

If you are 40 or older, maybe you have been experiencing the symptoms we have just listed and they are familiar to you. We just want to say that there is no reason to be frightened because these are thing you are destined to face sooner or later in life – its is part of our living and no one can live forever but you can live through it. In fact there are ways by which you may reduce the effects to your benefit and even reverse it totally.

Ways To Treat Andropause

Since the reduction of testosterone is the most visible, there are various treatments in form of testosterone replacement therapy, oral ingestion of testosterone etc..

1. HGH injection

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone which is responsible for a lot of body functions and it is closely linked with testosterone. In order to bring back the vivacity of youthful life, injections have been used but these are so expensive that very few people can afford it. We may be talking of over $10,000 yearly to say the least. Moreover the use of injections is not advised unless one has a team of top doctors to monitor the progress.

2. Herbal Supplements or HGH Pills

There are a number of herbal supplements which do not contain these hormones but they supply the body with the necessary nutrients so that the body has the ability to produce them naturally. We think these kinds of methods are a lot better, cheaper and safer. Most herbal male enhancement products contain such ingredients that help to increase the body’s level of testosterone, HGH and many others which when low cause a lot of health issues for men. Check this link and order HGH pills.

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